Optoisolators - Logic Output(1762)
Optoisolators - Transistor, Photovoltaic Output(7807)
Digital Isolators(1981)
Special Purpose(79)
Optoisolators - Triac, SCR Output(1224)
Isolators - Gate Drivers(881)
Cable Assemblies
Rectangular Cable Assemblies(14937)
D-Sub Cables(8367)
D-Shaped, Centronics Cables(553)
Modular Cables(4871)
Between Series Adapter Cables(779)
Circular Cable Assemblies(8259)
Power, Line Cables(1137)
Flat Flex, Ribbon Jumper Cables(11631)
Barrel - Audio Cables(480)
USB Cables(1037)
Video Cables (DVI, HDMI)(476)
Firewire Cables (IEEE 1394)(71)
Jumper Wires, Pre-Crimped(6653)
Smart Cables(49)
Barrel - Power Cables(112)
Pluggable Cables(1380)
LGH Cables(157)
Specialized Cable Assemblies(304)
Solid State Lighting Cables(154)
Discrete Semiconductor Products
SCRs - Single(2746)
FETs - Single(21797)
Diodes, Rectifiers - Single(19341)
Diodes - Zener - Single(26176)
Transistors (BJT) - Single(10179)
JFETs (Junction Field Effect)(518)
RF Transistors (BJT)(1158)
RF FETs(2170)
Diodes, Rectifiers - Arrays(7248)
Bridge Rectifiers(2971)
Diacs, Sidacs(233)
Variable Capacitance Diodes (Varicaps, Varactors)(514)
Transistors (BJT) - Arrays(1069)
IGBTs - Single(2422)
SCRs - Modules(2104)
FETs - Arrays(2683)
Transistors (BJT) - Single, Pre-Biased(2783)
IGBTs - Modules(1234)
Transistors (BJT) - Arrays, Pre-Biased(1400)
RF Diodes(1155)
Diodes - Zener - Arrays(1172)
Transistors - Special Purpose(117)
Programmable Unijunction Transistors (PUTs)(11)
Power Drivers - Modules(504)
IGBTs - Arrays(14)
Through Hole Resistors(246192)
Resistor Networks, Arrays(19250)
Chip Resistor - Surface Mount(218713)
Chassis Mount Resistors(10411)
Specialized Resistors(314)
Tantalum Capacitors(41908)
Film Capacitors(19076)
Ceramic Capacitors(110783)
Aluminum Capacitors(68553)
Electric Double Layer Capacitors, Supercaps(683)
Aluminum - Polymer Capacitors(3260)
Trimmers, Variable Capacitors(335)
Capacitor Arrays(1190)
Mica and PTFE Capacitors(3865)
Tantalum - Polymer Capacitors(1485)
Niobium Oxide Capacitors(270)
Thin Film Capacitors(1732)
Silicon Capacitors(119)
Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Logic - Buffers, Drivers, Receivers, Transceivers(10275)
Logic - Gates and Inverters(9349)
Logic - Counters, Dividers(1887)
Logic - Flip Flops(4685)
Logic - Latches(2366)
Linear - Amplifiers - Instrumentation, OP Amps, Buffer Amps(24301)
PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Special Purpose(3157)
Logic - Signal Switches, Multiplexers, Decoders(5632)
Logic - Multivibrators(503)
Logic - Shift Registers(1495)
PMIC - Voltage Regulators - DC DC Switching Regulators(13693)
PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Linear(28162)
Linear - Amplifiers - Audio(3141)
Logic - Gates and Inverters - Multi-Function, Configurable(932)
Clock/Timing - Clock Generators, PLLs, Frequency Synthesizers(6975)
Interface - Analog Switches, Multiplexers, Demultiplexers(9430)
PMIC - Display Drivers(985)
Logic - Specialty Logic(1316)
PMIC - Gate Drivers(4705)
Logic - Comparators(280)
Embedded - Microcontrollers(40047)
Interface - Drivers, Receivers, Transceivers(13452)
Data Acquisition - Analog to Digital Converters (ADC)(12274)
Data Acquisition - Digital to Analog Converters (DAC)(9948)
PMIC - Supervisors(24622)
Linear - Amplifiers - Video Amps and Modules(1429)
PMIC - V/F and F/V Converters(120)
Linear - Comparators(3454)
PMIC - Current Regulation/Management(650)
PMIC - Voltage Reference(6859)
Linear - Amplifiers - Special Purpose(850)
Clock/Timing - Programmable Timers and Oscillators(22635)
Interface - Telecom(2369)
Clock/Timing - Real Time Clocks(1735)
PMIC - Voltage Regulators - DC DC Switching Controllers(7621)
Interface - Filters - Active(893)
PMIC - Battery Management(3786)
PMIC - AC DC Converters, Offline Switchers(2448)
Memory - Controllers(145)
Data Acquisition - ADCs/DACs - Special Purpose(1482)
Embedded - FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Array)(16755)
Interface - Sensor and Detector Interfaces(667)
Linear - Video Processing(1650)
Audio Special Purpose(788)
PMIC - Power Management - Specialized(2622)
Logic - Parity Generators and Checkers(125)
Logic - FIFOs Memory(3215)
Logic - Universal Bus Functions(587)
Specialized ICs(1026)
PMIC - Motor Drivers, Controllers(2301)
PMIC - Power Distribution Switches, Load Drivers(4477)
PMIC - PFC (Power Factor Correction)(759)
Embedded - Microcontroller or Microprocessor Modules(542)
Logic - Translators, Level Shifters(2102)
Embedded - Microprocessors(4916)
Interface - Controllers(1363)
Interface - Specialized(3047)
Interface - UARTs (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter)(1020)
Interface - CODECs(1030)
PMIC - Power Supply Controllers, Monitors(985)
PMIC - Thermal Management(436)
Clock/Timing - Clock Buffers, Drivers(3039)
Linear - Analog Multipliers, Dividers(90)
Interface - Voice Record and Playback(532)
PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Linear Transistor Driver(217)
Data Acquisition - Analog Front End (AFE)(462)
Interface - Signal Terminators(238)
PMIC - Hot Swap Controllers(2110)
PMIC - OR Controllers, Ideal Diodes(401)
Embedded - CPLDs (Complex Programmable Logic Devices)(4875)
Interface - Signal Buffers, Repeaters, Splitters(963)
Memory - Configuration Proms for FPGA's(487)
Data Acquisition - Touch Screen Controllers(281)
Embedded - DSP (Digital Signal Processors)(1977)
Interface - Serializers, Deserializers(709)
Clock/Timing - Application Specific(2822)
PMIC - Lighting, Ballast Controllers(393)
Interface - Modems - ICs and Modules(214)
Interface - Encoders, Decoders, Converters(385)
Embedded - Microcontrollers - Application Specific(750)
PMIC - LED Drivers(3646)
Embedded - PLDs (Programmable Logic Device)(283)
PMIC - Full, Half-Bridge Drivers(551)
Interface - I/O Expanders(802)
Data Acquisition - Digital Potentiometers(5035)
PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Linear + Switching(984)
Embedded - FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Array) with Microcontrollers(66)
PMIC - Laser Drivers(295)
Memory - Batteries(13)
Clock/Timing - Delay Lines(788)
PMIC - RMS to DC Converters(122)
Clock/Timing - IC Batteries(4)
PMIC - Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Controllers(481)
Interface - Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)(89)
PMIC - Energy Metering(331)
Embedded - System On Chip (SoC)(602)
Interface - Modules(28)
Power Supplies - External/Internal (Off-Board)
AC DC Converters(12898)
AC AC Wall Adapters(241)
AC DC Desktop, Wall Adapters(4757)
AC DC Configurable Power Supply Chassis(64)
AC DC Configurable Power Supply Modules(36)
LED Supplies(1351)
Power over Ethernet (PoE)(123)
Inductors, Coils, Chokes
Fixed Inductors(74892)
Adjustable Inductors(17)
Arrays, Signal Transformers(1134)
Delay Lines(165)
Wireless Charging Coils(47)
Crystals and Oscillators
Sockets and Insulators(141)
Programmable Oscillators(8550)
VCOs (Voltage Controlled Oscillators)(405)
Pin Configurable Oscillators(148)
Common Mode Chokes(4060)
Ferrite Beads and Chips(2397)
EMI/RFI Filters (LC, RC Networks)(1766)
Ferrite Cores - Cables and Wiring(586)
Feed Through Capacitors(917)
Power Line Filter Modules(2345)
Ceramic Filters(102)
SAW Filters(664)
Ferrite Disks and Plates(22)
DSL Filters(14)
RF Filters(467)
Circuit Protection
TVS - Diodes(29844)
PTC Resettable Fuses(3144)
TVS - Varistors, MOVs(9794)
Inrush Current Limiters (ICL)(582)
Circuit Breakers(21511)
TVS - Thyristors(2790)
Electrical, Specialty Fuses(7088)
TVS - Mixed Technology(615)
Thermal Cutoffs, Cutouts (TCO)(94)
Gas Discharge Tube Arresters (GDT)(2747)
Disconnect Switch Components(221)
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)(134)
Surge Suppression ICs(282)
Lighting Protection(79)
Potentiometers, Variable Resistors
Trimmer Potentiometers(9588)
Rotary Potentiometers, Rheostats(4569)
Scale Dials(45)
Thumbwheel Potentiometers(350)
Slide Potentiometers(442)
Adjustable Power Resistor(595)
Joystick Potentiometers(366)
Value Display Potentiometers(25)
Sensors, Transducers
Temperature Sensors, Transducers(1952)
Optical Sensors - Photointerrupters - Slot Type - Logic Output(1057)
Optical Sensors - Photointerrupters - Slot Type - Transistor Output(1103)
Optical Sensors - Phototransistors(577)
Optical Sensors - Photoelectric, Industrial(9149)
Thermistors - NTC(4013)
Optical Sensors - Reflective - Logic Output(100)
Magnetic Sensors - Position, Proximity, Speed (Modules)(3107)
Optical Sensors - Reflective - Analog Output(266)
Thermistors - PTC(1009)
Proximity Sensors(3739)
Optical Sensors - Photodiodes(763)
Magnetic Sensors - Hall Effect, Digital Switch, Linear, Compass (ICs)(1991)
Temperature Switches(504)
Pressure Sensors, Transducers(25911)
Ultrasonic Receivers, Transmitters(78)
Optical Sensors - Photo Detectors - Logic Output(126)
Optical Sensors - Ambient Light, IR, UV Sensors(293)
Gas Sensors(65)
Optical Sensors - Photo Detectors - Remote Receiver(966)
Vibration Sensors(35)
Shock Sensors(6)
Temperature Regulators(3283)
Position Sensors - Angle, Linear Position Measuring(1110)
Magnetic Sensors - Compass, Magnetic Field (Modules)(8)
LVDT Transducers (Linear Variable Differential Transformer)(9)
Float, Level Sensors(420)
Current Transducers(1204)
Specialized Sensors(496)
Moisture Sensors, Humidity(200)
IrDA Transceiver Modules(146)
Tilt Sensors(38)
Optical Sensors - Distance Measuring(38)
Dust Sensors(12)
Capacitive Touch Sensors, Proximity Sensor ICs(313)
Optical Sensors - Photo Detectors - CdS Cells(38)
Thermocouple, Temperature Probe(398)
Flow Sensors(174)
Image Sensors, Camera(239)
Motion Sensors, Detectors(169)
RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector)(46)
Optical Sensors - Mouse(118)
Force Sensors(47)
Color Sensors(69)
Solar Cells(57)
Flex Sensors(1)
Strain Gauges(22)
Proximity/Occupancy Sensors - Finished Units(236)
Solid State Relays(7051)
Signal Relays, Up to 2 Amps(5814)
Power Relays, Over 2 Amps(12907)
I/O Relay Modules - Analog(22)
I/O Relay Module Racks(204)
Time Delay Relays(1370)
Relay Sockets(996)
I/O Relay Modules - Input(193)
I/O Relay Modules - Output(285)
Display Modules - LED Character and Numeric(2991)
Display Modules - LCD, OLED Character and Numeric(745)
Panel Indicators, Pilot Lights(6305)
LED Indication - Discrete(12707)
LEDs - Circuit Board Indicators, Arrays, Light Bars, Bar Graphs(5769)
Infrared, UV, Visible Emitters(1349)
Lamps - Incandescents, Neons(743)
Optics - LEDs, Lamps - Lenses(2576)
LEDs - Spacers, Standoffs(2642)
Display Modules - LED Dot Matrix and Cluster(552)
LCD Bezels(71)
Optics - LEDs - Light Pipes(1004)
Fiber Optics - Transmitters - Discrete(1309)
Fiber Optics - Receivers(256)
Laser Diodes(390)
Fiber Optics - Switches, Multiplexers, Demultiplexers(290)
Fiber Optics - Attenuators(284)
Display Modules - Vacuum Fluorescent (VFD)(179)
Lamps - Cold Cathode Fluorescent (CCFL) & UV(66)
Display Modules - LCD, OLED, Graphic(842)
LEDs - Lamp Replacements(1015)
Fiber Optics - Transmitters - Drive Circuitry Integrated(91)
Fiber Optics - Transceivers(1360)
LED Lighting - COBs, Engines, Modules(6679)
LED Lighting - Color(1621)
LED Lighting - White(13262)
LED Thermal Products(467)
Display, Monitor - Interface Controller(39)
Touch Screen Overlays(322)
Optics - LEDs - Reflectors(327)
Optics - Remote Phosphor(207)
Optical Inspection Equipment
Lamps - Magnifying, Task(49)
Arms, Mounts, Stands(56)
Eyepieces, Lenses(41)
Loupes, Magnifiers(15)
Video Inspection Systems(25)
Illumination Sources(16)
Industrial Controls, Meters
Panel Meters - Accessories(458)
Panel Meters - Counters, Hour Meters(690)
Panel Meters(690)
Controllers - Accessories(1167)
Sensor Interface - Junction Blocks(742)
Controllers - Cable Assemblies(2538)
Controllers - Process, Temperature(2071)
Monitor - Current/Voltage - Relay Output(353)
Monitor - Current/Voltage Transducer(83)
Protection Relays & Systems(255)
Controllers - PLC Modules(1471)
Pneumatics, Hydraulics(219)
Controllers - Programmable Logic (PLC)(544)
Controllers - Liquid, Level(332)
Cam Positioners(16)
Machine Vision - Control/Processing(241)
Machine Vision - Cameras/Sensors(354)
Machine Vision - Accessories(412)
Industrial Equipment(9817)
Sensor Cable - Assemblies(501)
Sensor Cable - Accessories(96)
Controllers - Machine Safety(218)
Machine Vision - Lens(142)
Machine Vision - Lighting(370)
Lighting Control - Accessories(95)
Lighting Control(59)
RFI and EMI - Shielding and Absorbing Materials(3481)
RF Misc ICs and Modules(770)
RF Amplifiers(1974)
RF Directional Coupler(637)
RF Power Dividers/Splitters(127)
RFID Evaluation and Development Kits, Boards(161)
RF Transmitters(439)
RF Receivers(992)
RF Transceiver Modules(1745)
RF Receiver, Transmitter, and Transceiver Finished Units(974)
RF Evaluation and Development Kits, Boards(3543)
RF Antennas(3846)
RF Power Controller ICs(78)
RF Transceiver ICs(1057)
RF Demodulators(137)
RF Modulators(135)
RF Detectors(245)
RF Mixers(537)
RF Front End (LNA + PA)(125)
RFID Transponders, Tags(312)
RFID ICs(205)
RF Switches(604)
RF Accessories(1430)
RFID Accessories(100)
RFID Reader Modules(166)
RFID Antennas(100)
RF Die Products(176)
RF Diplexers(110)
RF Shields(61)
RFID, RF Access, Monitoring IC's(215)
Motors, Solenoids, Driver Boards/Modules
Motors - AC, DC(2742)
Motor Driver Boards, Modules(800)
Stepper Motors(163)
Power Supplies - Board Mount
DC DC Converters(230151)
Networking Solutions
Switches, Hubs(398)
Serial Device Servers(93)
Gateways, Routers(145)
Media Converters(1624)
Magnetics - Transformer, Inductor Components
Ferrite Cores(1655)
Bobbins (Coil Formers), Mounts, Hardware(235)
Magnet Wire(36)
Maker/DIY, Educational
Educational, Robotics Kits(14)