Hirose Electric Co Ltd

Ever since it first began developing industry-leading original connectors with its own technologies, Hirose Electric has established its position in growing trust and recognition as a specialized manufacturer of connectors. Today, we are accelerating our efforts to further expand our global business. We also express our deep gratitude that we would not be where we are today without the kind support of our customers and business partners.

The entire Hirose Electric Group has a basic philosophy “a small company connecting wisdom.” This philosophy encapsulates our wish to produce original products by seeking outside knowledge with an honest and humble attitude, and then linking this vast store of available knowledge and wisdom with the ones we have cultivated on our own. It further puts our wish to be a company that continuously takes a leap toward tomorrow by using the closeness of communication, impetus, and efficiency that are advantages of small companies. Our slogan “Creative Links to World Electronics” is also rooted in this philosophy.

Looking forward, we believe the electronics field will see the continuing materialization of new functions and services. They will come not only from technical progress along traditional and conventional lines but also the mutual integration of new domains and different fields. And we feel strongly that the hardware to support them will, more than ever before, require the development of innovative connectors based on new concepts and technologies. Hirose Electric has developed and supplied products that meet market demand by applying its marketing and innovative prowess. As we respond to changing times and markets, we will take on whatever challenges are necessary to satisfy our customers with always forward-looking product development and realize an affluent society through electronics products.

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